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Sell file

You can sell your files on AvaFile. These files can be eBooks, softwares, videos, audio and musics, pictures(including photography, graphics & digital art), courses, fonts, etc.
If your files are sold by yourself, or your sale is not made by another user (direct sale from the site), 80% of the total sale will be yours and 20% of remaining belongs to your referrer user.
Note that since about 90% of AvaFile's sales are made through searches in search engines, in most cases 80% of the sales are awarded to the file owner
AvaFile allows your files to be marketed and sold by other users in addition to you, so that your file sales will increase. In this case, 50% of the total sales amount will be given to you, 30% to the seller and the remaining 20% will belong to file owener's referrer.

Buy file

Time is valuable. Buy the files you need quickly and easily from AvaFile

Request file

You can request the file you want, if it's not in our file list. This request will be sent to all of AvaFile users and we will inform you of the result of your file request.

File marketing

If you do not even have a file to sell, you can still make money in AvaFile. By selling other users' files, you get 30% of the total sale amount. There are two methods to view the marketing address of the file:

  1. Log in , then on the file list page , click to view the details of each file, and at the bottom of the opened page, use the marketing address to market the file.
  2. Log in and click on "File -> File Marketing" from the user menu.

Referral marketing

In AvaFile, each user has a unique refferal code. If a user registers in the system with your refferal code, 20% of the sales of that user's files will belong to the you.

No fees

All AvaFile services are with a fee rate of 0% !


We just need your email(for contacting you). We do not collect your IP nor ask for your credential.


All of the transaction in AvaFile are done in tether. We have tether payment gateway and your bought files are delivered automatically to the buyer.


The following chart below shows the distribution of revenue for each sale:

1. In case the file owner sells his own file or file is bought directly (with no seller user):80% for file owner and 20% for referrer.

In case the file owner sells his own file

2. In case the seller is a user other than file owner: 50% for file owner, 30% for seller and 20% for referrer.

In case the seller is a user other than file owner