Files: Project and programming

Web Fundamental

Price: 5.00 USDT
Category: Project and programming
Submit date: 2023/01/20
Description: This course explores the fundamental development techniques of web page design using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Students learn how to create fully functional web pages by utilizing web fundamentals and best practices, including: how to effectively create layouts, use graphics, create hyperlinks, and use text formatting features of HTML. In addition, students are introduced to the use of cascading style sheets (CSS) to enhance the look of web pages. To better prepare students for evolving...

A simple Tether(USDT) payment gateway

Price: 45.00 USDT
Category: Project and programming
Submit date: 2022/12/16
Description: This file is an implementation of a simple Tether payment gateway. If you don't want to use third party gateways or you don't like confusing yourself with their documentation and all you want is a simple script which helps you having USDT payment in your website, this file is suitable for you.File contains codes written in PHP that helps you have Tether(TRC20) payment in your website. It also contains a guide pdf that explains the code completely. The code only supports USDT payment.(NO fiat...